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Message in a Bottle


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Or say "Alexa, enable Message in a Bottle"

Send a message for anyone to pick up or receive one from a random person.

With this skill you can send off messages for anyone else using the skill to pick up, and as such you can receive random messages from other users.<br/><br/>A token system is in place to try and keep the message pool saturated, you get a token for sending a message and spend one to receive a message. You start with a small amount of tokens.<br/><br/>NOTE: The messages you receive are not within my control and may contain offensive language or subject matter, I will try and deal with this if it occurs but can't promise 100% coverage

Invocation Name

bottle message

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open bottle message
get message
Alexa, launch bottle message

Release Date

September 8th 2017