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Mental Maths

Adam Solkar

Or say "Alexa, enable Mental Maths"

Improve your maths by practising multiplication questions

Get the kids involved and see how well they do in their 12 times tables.<br/><br/>Mental Maths will test how well they know their multiplications up to the 12 times tables.<br/><br/>This is great if you just want them to brush up on mental arithmetic or just to get the brain stimulated! <br/><br/>Just ask Alexa to open 'Mental Maths&quot; and it will test you on your 12 times tables. The skill will give you the result of your test after 12 randomly selected questions.<br/><br/>If you don't know the answer on a question, you can just say &quot;pass&quot; or &quot;don't know&quot; <br/><br/>Remember to speak clearly when answering the questions.

Invocation Name

mental maths

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Open Mental Maths

Release Date

September 6th 2017