Menge Family - Alexa Skill

Menge Family



Or say "Alexa, enable Menge Family"

The Menge Family skill will tell you who in my family is having a birthday, having an anniversary or passed away today.

The purpose of this skill is to let my family members know events that are happening or happened today. The events include birthdays, anniversaries and deaths. While anybody can use the skill, it is only meaningful to members of my family - all 400+ of you. To use the skill, just say "Alexa, ask MengeFamily what is happening today" or "Alexa, ask MengeFamily what's up" or just "Alexa, ask MengeFamily".

Invocation Name

menge family

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask MengeFamily what is happening today
Alexa, ask MengeFamily what is happening with the family today
Alexa, ask MengeFamily are there any events today

Release Date

March 21st 2017