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Meeting Greeting

Andy LeRoy

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Or say "Alexa, enable Meeting Greeting"

A networking event without name tags?!? How will you ever remember everyone's names? Now you can practice meeting and greeting new people with Alexa!

Picture this... you are out at a networking event and you have just met a new group of people. Another person joins the group, and introduces himself. Are you able to introduce this new person to all of your new connections? <br/><br/>Now you can practice meeting and greeting people with Alexa - all while improving your memory in a fun game. Practice your networking and introduction skills, and become fast on your feet in social settings.<br/><br/>To get started, say 'Alexa, open Meeting Greeting.'<br/><br/>Alexa will ask you for your name and prompt you to choose who you would like to meet.<br/><br/>You can say:<br/>'Meet Athletes'<br/>'Meet Celebrities'<br/>'Meet Executives'<br/>'Meet Harry Potter Characters'<br/><br/>Alexa will introduce you to new people, and just like the classic 'memory game', you will be prompted to say 'Hello &lt;Person&gt;' to each new person you meet.<br/><br/>See how many people you can remember, and compete for the high score with all other users! Check the leaderboard at for the latest scores.<br/><br/>Please leave reviews and comments with feedback! And happy networking!

Invocation Name

meeting greeting

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Meeting Greeting.
Meet Celebrities.
Hello, Justin.

Release Date

March 31st 2017