Mech Keebs - Alexa Skill

Mech Keebs

Kenneth Dodrill


Or say "Alexa, enable Mech Keebs"

Keyboard Genius! This skill allows you to ask Alexa about keyboards - general facts, mechanical keyboards, keycaps and more!

Purpose: The purpose of this skill is to allow the user to ask a fact about keyboards.<br/><br/>Features: The facts range from layouts to keycaps to switches and more! Also included is a section for mechanical keyboards.<br/><br/>Just ask Alexa! See the example phrases for more info.

Invocation Name

keyboard genius

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Keyboard Genius to tell me a fact about keyboards.
Alexa, tell me about keyboards using Keyboard Genius.
Alexa, tell me a keyboard fact using Keyboard Genius.

Release Date

June 7th 2017