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Matrix Game

Saraj Mudigonda

Or say "Alexa, enable Matrix Game"

Matrix operations are commonly used in machine learning, artificial intelligence based products. Matrix game gives a chance to test some basic matrix skills.

Matrix operations are becoming very popular with the rise of machine learning, artificial intelligence based algorithms and products/services such as our very own Alexa. Matrix game helps you test your basic matrix math skills. <br/><br/>The skill tests and scores you based on a total of 5 matrix related questions. For each question, it will give you 4 answers; you are supposed to choose the right answer. For every right answer, you get closer to designing your next machine learning product. For wrong answer, you get a chance to train your dataset&#61514;.<br/><br/>Please use the following phrases to interact with the game - <br/>1. Alexa, Start Matrix Game to start the game<br/>2. Repeat , when you are in the middle of a game and would like the question to be repeated<br/>3. Help, to understand the game

Invocation Name

matrix game

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Start Matrix Game

Release Date

June 22nd 2017