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Math Stream

Kevin Crowe

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Or say "Alexa, enable Math Stream"

Math Stream is a test of how well you can keep up with a sequence of addition and subtraction operations and provide the correct answer.

Math Stream goes beyond basic addition and subtraction of just two numbers by allowing you to test your ability to keep up with a stream of up to twenty numbers with random addition or subtraction operations between the numbers. You have an option for brief pauses between the numbers to give you an opportunity to keep up with the math stream. For starters you might start with only three numbers with the biggest number being in the single digits. You might find it interesting to try the skill with twenty numbers, with the biggest number being just one or two to see how well you can concentrate on the math stream.

Invocation Name

math stream

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Math Stream

Release Date

June 27th 2016