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Math Magic

Rohit Mehra

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Or say "Alexa, enable Math Magic"

It plays a simple math magic trick with any person in a conversational manner.

Alexa will be your magician for today. She will ask you to think of a number and you just have to keep it a secret till the end.<br/><br/>Alexa will then ask you to think of a series of events and you have to do calculations according to those events.<br/><br/>You can say Done or Continue once you are finished to continue.<br/>You can say Repeat or Once More, at any time repeat previous step.<br/>You can say From Scratch or From Beginning to start from begining.<br/><br/>Instruction List:<br/><br/>[1] done/proceed/ok - to have Alexa say the next step<br/>[2] repeat - to have Alexa repeat the last step<br/>[3] from start - to have Alexa repeat from the beginning<br/><br/>You'll require pen and paper if you pan to choose big numbers.<br/>Enjoy !!

Invocation Name

math magic

Interaction Examples

Alexa, do math magic
Do a trick

Release Date

June 25th 2017