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math calculator help you to solve simple math problems like addition of two numbers,division,substraction,multiplication of 2 numbers etc

With this math calculator you can ask alexa for simple math solutions like addition ,multiplication, division, subtraction of 2 numbers.<br/>To Get Started: Say &quot;Alexa open math calculator&quot;. <br/>if want to add two numbers ex if you want to add 6 and 9 <br/>just ask &quot; what is 6 plus 9 &quot; then alexa will tell you sum of 2 numbers.<br/>Similarly if you want to subtract 2 numbers ex: 6 and 3 simply ask &quot; what is 6 minus 3&quot;<br/>If you want to divide 2 numbers just ask ex: 6 and 3 simply ask &quot; what is 6 divide by 3&quot;<br/>Similarly if you want to multiply 2 numbers ex: 6 and 3 simply ask &quot; what is 6 multiply 3&quot;<br/><br/>If you need any help simply ask &quot;help&quot; or &quot;help me&quot;<br/>If you want to stop or cancel this app Just say &quot;stop&quot; or &quot;cancel&quot;

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math calculator

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Alexa ask math calculator what is two plus two
what is 10 plus 5
what is 500 divide 25

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September 9th 2017