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Math Bee

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Or say "Alexa, enable Math Bee"

Play the math game and practice your basic math skills.

This skill will help you practice various math problems. Play the Math Bee with Alexa. Alexa will check your answer and keep track of your score. If your answer is wrong, Alexa will provide you the right answer.<br/><br/>This also includes practice session for the multiplication tables you choose to practice. The final Quiz will be based on the questions practiced.<br/><br/>Please note, This skill can help with practicing any multiplication table at this point. We are regularly updating the ability of this skill to include addition, subtraction and division questions also.

Invocation Name

math bee

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Let's play Math Bee
Alexa, Start Math Bee
Alexa, Open Math Bee

Release Date

September 7th 2017