Master of Facts - Alexa Skill

Master of Facts



Or say "Alexa, enable Master of Facts"

The Alexa service will deliver interesting and amazing facts taken from the developed Fact Master skill.

This skill will deliver fun and amazing facts to the user, covering wide variety of topics when they interact with Alexa, asking for facts.<br/><br/>No additional hardware is required to use this skill.<br/> <br/>The invocation name for this skill is fact master. <br/><br/>It was developed for all ages.<br/><br/>Will be very happy to hear constructive feedback for improvements.<br/><br/>Enjoy this fun Facts skill!<br/><br/>Any questions, please do not hesitate to email:

Invocation Name

fact master

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask fact master for a trivia
Alexa, open fact master and give a random fact
Alexa, ask fact master to give me an awesome fact

Release Date

June 5th 2017