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Mars Weather

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Or say "Alexa, enable Mars Weather"

Mars weather tells you the most up-to-date weather data on mars.

Mars weather will enable you to know what the current weather is on mars. The weather data is provided from NASA. <br/><br/>To use,say &quot;alexa open mars weather&quot; or &quot;alexa launch mars weather&quot; or &quot;alexa start mars weather&quot; and when it asks you if you want to know the current weather on mars, say &quot;help&quot;, &quot;yes&quot;, or &quot;no&quot;.<br/><br/>The skill will provide you with the high and low temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, as well as the atmospheric condition.

Invocation Name

mars weather

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open mars weather.
Alexa, start mars weather.
Alexa, launch mars weather.

Release Date

July 18th 2017