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Allows voice control of Bluetooth Marpac unit to turn on/off and change volume.

Give sleep a chance!<br/> <br/>Marpac's famous noise-reducing, sleep-inducing natural white noise can now be controlled through Amazon&rsquo;s Alexa! To get started, click the Enable button above. <br/><br/>The Marpac Connect app for iOS or Android lets you control your BLE-enabled Dohm Connect sound machine with a few simple commands, all in sleep-friendly night view. Once installed, the Marpac Connect app lets you turn your sound machine on/off, adjust the volume, and set multiple sleep schedules.<br/><br/>Ask Alexa to turn on, off, or change volume by saying &quot;Alexa, Open Marpac&quot;, followed by one of the commands below:<br/> <br/>&ldquo;Turn on [device name]&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Turn off [device name]&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Turn [device name] volume to [1-10]&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Set [device name] default volume to [1-10]&rdquo;<br/> <br/>A note on BLE: The Marpac Connect app must be open and within range of the Marpac device in order for commands to be successful. It must also be open and within range of your Amazon device, if using the Alexa voice-command feature.<br/> <br/>The Amazon Alexa Marpac skill is available in the United States in US English only.

Invocation Name

mar pack

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Open Marpac.
Turn Bedroom On.
Set Bedroom Volume to 7.

Release Date

October 31st 2017