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Make Appointment


Or say "Alexa, enable Make Appointment"

At the Enhanced Eye Care Experience, our Personal Care Coordinators can get you general eye care information, make appointments or order replacement lenses.

The Enhanced Eye Care Experience lets you connect with your optometrist whenever you want! Personal Care Coordinators are waiting to help you obtain general eye care information, request an appointment, or order replacement contact lenses. During regular business hours, you&rsquo;ll receive a response in minutes and you&rsquo;ll be on your way to seeing and feeling better.<br/><br/>Any recommendations are intended for medical information purposes only. Please consult your doctor or other medical professional for specific medical advice. If you are experiencing an actual medical emergency, please end this session and go directly to your nearest emergency room or dial 911.

Invocation Name

make appointment

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Make Appointment
Alexa, ask Make Appointment to make an appointment
Alexa, ask Make Appointment to order replacement contact lenses

Release Date

July 15th 2017