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Maison Patisserie

Hardeep Sharma

Or say "Alexa, enable Maison Patisserie"

Helps you to plan and prepare delicious cakes, biscuits, pastries and other sweet treats, from, hands-free.

Maison Patisserie can help you to learn about, plan and prepare your own amazing desserts and sweet treats from the website, completely hands-free.<br/>Now you can just ask about a recipe, add it's ingredients to your Alexa shopping list and have step-by-step instructions to help you go from ingredients to magnificent creation.<br/>We're regularly adding new recipes, so just ask &quot;what recipes can you help me with?&quot; to find out the latest recipes.<br/>If you're ever stuck, just ask for help and we'll do our best to get you going.<br/>This skill requires permissions to read and write to the Alexa shopping list. You can enable this by following the instructions in the Alexa app.

Invocation Name

maison patisserie

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Maison Patisserie
Tell me about bakewell tart
How do you make chocolate chip cookies

Release Date

September 14th 2017