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Maintenance Care

Maintenance Care

Or say "Alexa, enable Maintenance Care"

Maintenance Management Software from Maintenance Care

Must have a valid paid Maintenance Care membership. <br/><br/>Maintenance Care helps manage your work orders, preventive maintenance and all of the assets in your building. <br/><br/>It is an easy to use, low cost, CMMS or Maintenance Management System.<br/><br/>Use Alexa to tell you if you have any new work orders, or have Alexa run totals of all tasks received within the last day or week! Alexa can also read your upcoming Preventive Maintenance tasks by using Maintenance Care's calendar export feature and adding the Calendar Skill to your Alexa.

Invocation Name

maintenance care

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Maintenance Care to read my last 3 tasks
Alexa, ask Maintenance Care how many tasks we got this week
Alexa, ask Maintenance Care what is the building message

Release Date

November 29th 2017