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Or say "Alexa, enable Mail Box"

Access your Gmail account with the Mail Box skill. Read & send emails and SMS messages.

With Mail Box skill, Alexa can help you read and send emails. After enabling this skill (tap Enable Skill or say "Alexa, enable Mail Box"), please check out your Alexa App's home feed to link your Gmail account. If you use the Alexa website, please enable pop ups first. After enabling the skill, say "Alexa, open Mail Box" to use the skill. == BASIC COMMANDS == Some things to try after saying "Alexa, open Mail Box" * "Read my emails" -- Read the 5 most recent unread emails in your inbox. Alexa will read the subject of the email. She will say, "Email 1, from Bob Smith, Subject of Email. Email 2, from ...". These numbers (e.g., Email 1, Email 2) are useful for the following commands. * "Read email [NUMBER]" -- Alexa will read a snippet from that email's body. * "Archive emails" -- Alexa will archive the emails she just listed for you * "Archive email [NUMBER]" -- Alexa will archive a specific email in the list she just read to you. * "Reply to email [NUMBER]" -- You can dictate a reply to that email. Try using quick replies (~1 sentence) for best transcription success. * "Read my SMS" -- Alexa will read SMS from Google Voice if you've enabled Text Forwarding. She will say, "SMS 1, from Elaine, yadda yadda yadda" * "Reply to SMS [NUMBER]" -- You can dictate a reply to an SMS by number. Try using quick replies (~1 sentence) for best transcription success. == SENDING SMS & EMAILS == With Mail Box, you can also send SMS via Google Voice SMS email addresses. When you sign up for a Google Voice number, they give you the option forwarding SMS messages to your email ( > Settings > Voicemails & Text > Text Forwarding checkbox). Once somebody (e.g., 1-222-555-2222) sends an SMS to your Google Voice number (e.g., 1-333-555-3333), an email is sent to you (e.g., That is the SMS email address for the individual who just texted you. Please add this number as a contact by going to and scroll down to the SMS Contact section. For email contacts, you use the Email Contacts section of the same website ( PRO TIP: You might want to ask Alexa to spell out a friend's name by saying "Alexa, spell [NAME]." You can try entering in different spellings for the same email address (e.g., Jon, John, Jan) as separate line items. So Alexa has a higher chance of getting the right contact. Your friend will not see how their name is spelled here, so feel free to go wild. After you set up contacts, you can say: * "Send SMS to [NAME]" -- you can initiate an blank SMS to a contact you've set up through the website. * "Send Email to [NAME]" -- Alexa wil guide you through the subject & body of your email. == SETTING PASSCODE == To set a passcode please enter a numeric code by going to and fill out "Current Passcode" (the second field). When you ask Alexa to use this skill, she will first ask for the nth digit of your passcode (e.g., "What's the 3rd digit of your passcode"). This way, if somebody nearby hears your interaction, they will only know a portion of the passcode. ===== You can also visit to manage your accont or see a complete list of commands in the Help section. If you want to leave feedback in the form of a review, I will try and comment to answer any questions you have. You'll need to go to Amazon's main website to see the comments though. Here's the link: Last, feel free to email with any other questions or feedback. Enjoy!

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mail box

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Alexa, open Mail Box
Alexa, open Mail Box and read my emails
Alexa, open Mail Box and read my SMS

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December 25th 2016