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Or say "Alexa, enable Mail Bot"

Mail Bot by ServeBot assists you with reading emails from your inbox.

Alexa uses Mail Bot to read your entire emails from your Gmail account in a way you would expect. Just &quot;Ask Mail Bot to get my emails for today&quot; or specify a type (i.e. unread, starred, important) or time period (i.e. yesterday, last 2 weeks). <br /><br />For help and settings, visit:<br /> <br />After logging in and linking to your email account, you can ask Mail Bot to get your emails for you.

Invocation Name

mail bot

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Mail Bot to read my emails from today
Alexa, ask Mail Bot to read my unread emails from last Tuesday
Alexa, ask Mail Bot for my important emails for last week

Release Date

January 29th 2017