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Magician's Assistant

Patrick Pierson

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Or say "Alexa, enable Magician's Assistant"

A Magician's Assistant to help you do magic tricks

The Magician's Assistant helps you do magic tricks. Currently it will only guess a dice number based on the following phrases:<br/>One: What is my number?<br/>Two: What is the selected number?<br/>Three: Can you guess the number?<br/>Four: Please tell me the number?<br/>Five: Do you know the number?<br/>Six: What is the number now?<br/>Exit: Thank you.

Invocation Name

my lovely assistant

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask my lovely assistant, what is my number?
Alexa, ask my lovely assistant, can you guess the number?
Alexa, ask my lovely assistant, do you know the number?

Release Date

October 1st 2017