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Magic Tavern Adventure


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Or say "Alexa, enable Magic Tavern Adventure"

In this special interactive episode of the podcast Hello From The Magic Tavern, you can help Arnie, Chunt and Usidore choose their own adventure.

Attention people of Earth: The folks behind the podcast Hello From The Magic Tavern have released an interactive episode designed for the Amazon Echo! Now you can help Arnie the human, Usidore the wizard and Chunt the shapeshifting badger make choices that will change the outcome of the episode...choosing their adventure, if you will. You can choose whether their guest will be a talking flower or a wily necromancer, for instance, and that's just the beginning! Be sure to check out all the possible endings of this Magic Tavern Adventure, then check out the Hello From The Magic Tavern podcast at

Invocation Name

magic tavern adventure

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Start Magic Tavern Adventure.
Alexa, Ask Magic Tavern Adventure for Help.
Alexa, Tell Magic Tavern Adventure Flower.

Release Date

November 8th 2017