MARA Running Assistant - Alexa Skill

MARA Running Assistant, LLC

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Or say "Alexa, enable MARA Running Assistant"

The MARA skill allows you to ask Alexa about the runs you've done with the MARA Running Assistant iPhone app.

MARA is a skill for interacting with the MARA Running Assistant app - a hands-free voice-controlled virtual assistant for exercise and outdoor activities. MARA is a running assistant that will support and coach you when you exercise. She will let you focus on your run while she will focus on meeting your needs. To get started, open the MARA Running Assistant app on your iPhone and go to the Settings tab. Then tap on Amazon Echo settings.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Mara for my fastest mile.
Alexa, ask Mara when was my last three mile run?
Alexa, ask Mara how many one hour runs have I done this week?

Release Date

April 12th 2016