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Are you a Lyrics Idol?

Think you know the most famous lines of your favorite songs by heart? Put yourself to the test with Lyrics Idol!<br/><br/>HOW TO PLAY<br/>Alexa will quote famous lines from song lyrics. Every line will have a missing word, replaced by a beep. Your part is to complete the missing word!<br/>Example:<br/>- Alexa: &quot;Another one bites the *beep*&quot;<br/>- You: &quot;Dust!&quot;<br/><br/>FEEDBACK<br/>If you like the game, please leave a review. If something is wrong or you had a bad experience, please write us before leaving a negative review at, thank you!<br/><br/>LEADERBOARD<br/>- See the scoring system below.<br/>- Find the leaderboard at<br/><br/>SCORE<br/>- A correct answer grants you 10 points<br/>- If you skip a line, you get 0 points<br/>- If you choose to answer but get it wrong, that's a strike<br/>- You have 3 strikes, then the round is over<br/><br/>TIPS<br/>- Skip a line if you don't know the answer, so you don't lose a strike. Say &quot;I don't know&quot; or &quot;skip line&quot;<br/>- All the lyrics are family friendly, so your kids can join the fun as well.

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lyrics idol

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Alexa, open Lyrics Idol
Alexa, launch Lyrics Idol
Alexa, play Lyrics Idol

Release Date

July 6th 2017