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Luna Rosa


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Or say "Alexa, enable Luna Rosa"

Once asked Alexa will provide details for the Gelato offerings of Luna Rosa as well as the hours of operation.

This skills purpose is to provide Information to people to list the names and number of gelato offerings for Luna Rosa Cafe in Greenville South Carolina. To do so one would ask "Alexa ask lunarosa" 'What are the flavors of the day" or "what are the flavors" or What's the flavors" the app will provide the list of offerings as well as provide hours of operation. The feed is preprogrammed in the index.js which is associated with the lambda hosted in Amazon Web Services

Invocation Name

luna rosa

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask lunarosa what's todays flavors
Alexa ask lunarosa what are the flavors
Alexa ask lunarosa what are the flavors of the day

Release Date

March 19th 2017