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Lumar Product Search

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Or say "Alexa, enable Lumar Product Search"

This skill helps you to locate the predefined product in the store with the help of the Alexa.

Sometimes it is hard you to find the product in the store, you could ask alexa where you can find the product by invoking it. It helps you to find the product easily rather than waiting for the customer representative.<br/><br/>The products available in the store:<br/><br/>PRODUCTS<br/>AISLE NUMBER<br/>PRICE OF THE PRODUCT<br/><br/>JEANS<br/>101<br/>STARTS FROM $40<br/><br/>PANTS<br/>102<br/>STARTS FROM $35<br/><br/>JOGGERS<br/>103<br/>STARTS FROM $23<br/><br/>SWEATPANTS<br/>103<br/>STARTS FROM $20<br/><br/>SHORTS<br/>104<br/>STARTS FROM $15<br/><br/>SWIM<br/>201<br/>STARTS FROM $25<br/><br/>BLAZERS<br/>202<br/>STARTS FROM $100<br/><br/>TEES<br/>301<br/>STARTS FROM $15<br/><br/>GRAPHIC TEES<br/>301<br/>STARTS FROM $20<br/><br/>POLOS<br/>301<br/>STARTS FROM $25<br/><br/>DRESS SHIRTS<br/>401<br/>STARTS FROM $40<br/><br/>CASUAL SHIRTS<br/>401<br/>STARTS FROM $30<br/><br/>SWEATERS<br/>501<br/>STARTS FROM $35<br/><br/>SWEATSHIRTS<br/>501<br/>STARTS FROM $25<br/><br/>HOODIES<br/>501<br/>STARTS FROM $40<br/><br/>TRUEFIT<br/>503<br/>STARTS FROM $45<br/><br/>SLEEP &amp; LOUNGE<br/>601<br/>STARTS FROM $30

Invocation Name

lumar finder

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask lumar finder
Where can I find Jeans
What is the price of Joggers

Release Date

August 4th 2017