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Lost Treasure

Khyati Ninad Majmudar


Or say "Alexa, enable Lost Treasure"

Find Precious Treasures from across the Globe..!

You have stumbled upon a treasure map in your attic. No wait, in fact, it's a collection of loads of treasure maps for a number of lost and hidden treasures across the whole world..!<br/> <br/>And now, you are on a mission. To find the treasures, follow the trail and be a treasure trail blazer! Embark on a journey across the world moving from one country to another as per the trail and find the lost treasure!<br/> <br/>But there is a glitch, like there always is, in all good things in life! The treasure maps only points you to the starting location. And from there, you are on your own. But worry not, to find your treasure, there are the good guys across the world, the helpers we call them, who will guide you on your trail.<br/> <br/>But they do not make your task as easy as it seems. They only talk cryptic and provide you with clues which point you to your next destination. It's your decision to identify the next location. But, beware... Make a wrong guess and the trail may go cold and the treasure will be lost forever.<br/> <br/>In fact, there is another glitch. As soon as you start the trail, the bad guys get a sniff of what you are upto and they try to find the treasure themselves. So, you need to find the treasure fast, under the stipulated time, to prevent the treasure falling in the hands of the wrong guys!<br/> <br/>And as you collect more and more treasures, you move up the level to become a treasure trail blazer!<br/> <br/>On the trail now, Treasure Hunter...!

Invocation Name

lost treasure

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Launch Lost Treasure
I want to Ask for Clue
I want to Fly to United Kingdom

Release Date

May 4th 2017