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Alexa,turn on the Livingroom light. Alexa,turn off the Livingroom light.

Lombex offers the most comprehensive voice controlled smart home experience with Alexa. Control your home lighting and other devices hands free. Just say it, Lombex will obey. <br/><br/>Here&rsquo;s a step by step guide:<br/>(1). Download our &quot;Lombex&quot; app in Google Play or iOS App Store;<br/>(2). Launch the app and register a new account (or login if you&rsquo;re already registered);<br/>(3). Turn on Lombex smart devices and connect them with &ldquo;Lombex&rdquo; app;<br/>(4). IMPORTANT: You can rename the devices with Lombex App. So if you rename a smart bulb &ldquo;Livingroom Light&rdquo;, then Echo will get that same name after discovered the devices in Step 9;<br/>(5). Download Amazon &quot;Alexa&quot; app from Amazon Market, Google Play or iOS App Store, and connect Echo with &quot;Alexa&quot; app;<br/>(6). Search the Alexa Skills directory for &quot;Lombex&quot;;<br/>(7). Click Enable skill of &quot;Lombex&quot;, then input your account username, password and region on the linking page;<br/>(8). Talk to Echo &quot;&ldquo;Alexa,discover devices.&rdquo;. Wait till Echo says &quot;Discover is completed&quot;;<br/>(9). Now all setup is done. Try talk to Echo to control your devices.<br/><br/>Here are the voice commands Lombex has:<br/><br/>Lights:<br/>* Alexa, turn on my livingroom light<br/>* Alexa, turn off my livingroom light<br/>* Alexa, dim my livingroom light<br/>* Alexa, brighten my livingroom light<br/>* Alexa, set the livingroom light to 20 percent<br/><br/>Plugs:<br/>* Alexa, turn on my plug<br/>* Alexa, turn off my plug<br/><br/>Currently this skill supports Lombex smart plugs and smart bulbs. If you have any problems, please contact us at feedback@tuya.com

Invocation Name

Interaction Examples

Alexa,turn on the Livingroom light
Alexa,turn off the Livingroom light
Alexa, dim Livingroom light

Release Date

April 4th 2017