LogicMachine - Alexa Skill


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Or say "Alexa, enable LogicMachine"


With LogicMachine Skills for Alexa, you can now speak to your KNX, BACnet, ModBus, EnOcean, DALI and other protocol installations. Further, your multiroom installation, BLE enabled home appliances can controlled through LogicMachine. All voice control objects are universal, non-protocol dependent and are assigned by LogicMachine device. <br/><br/><br/>Voice assisted living has never been so easy to implement with new LogicMachine Skills.<br/><br/><br/>Example commands:<br/><br/>&bull; Alexa, turn on Scene Home<br/>&bull; Alexa, turn on Good Night<br/>&bull; Alexa, turn on Kitchen light<br/>&bull; Alexa, brighten the Kitchen Lights<br/>&bull; Alexa, turn off Living Room lights <br/>&bull; Alexa, set the Living Room lights to 25%<br/>&bull; Alexa, dim the Living Room Lights<br/>&bull; Alexa, turn on the Living Room fan<br/>&bull; Alexa, set Bedroom temperature to 22 degrees<br/>&bull; Alexa, decrease the Bedroom temperature<br/>&bull; Alexa, increase the Bedroom temperature<br/>&bull; Alexa what is the temperature in Bedroom?<br/>&bull; Alexa, lock the Kitchen Door.<br/>&bull; Alexa, set Kettle to 90 degrees

Invocation Name

Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on Scene Home
Alexa, brighten Lamp by 30 percent
Alexa, set Kettle to 90 degrees

Release Date

April 29th 2017