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Linc Global



Or say "Alexa, enable Linc Global"

Always be up to date on the status of your orders from online shopping. You can also return your items and get a shipping label.

In order to use tracking and returns features, you must first link your account on the Alexa app by submitting your email used to order items online. We will proceed to send you an email with a link that you can click to verify your identity. From there, you can ask questions about any open orders ("Where is my stripe dress?") or about returning your items ("Can I return an item?").

Invocation Name

linc global

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Linc Global where is my order?
Alexa, ask Linc Global where are my blue jeans?
Alexa, tell Linc Global I want to return an item.

Release Date

November 21st 2016