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Lil Lexa

Ryan Bell

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Or say "Alexa, enable Lil Lexa"

Lil Lexa is a virtual hip hop bot. Say "Alexa ask Lil Lexa to rap"

&quot;Turn up my volume setting! Turn up my volume setting!&quot; Lil Lexa is a hip hop bot that can freestyle rap. She was trained with an open source deep learning TensorFlow-based algorithm ( with a LSTM (Long Short Term Memory) Neural Network and a hand-crafted dataset.<br/><br/>The source code and training data is available at

Invocation Name

lil lexa

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask Lil Lexa to rap
Alexa ask Lil Lexa to spit fire
Alexa ask Lil Lexa to freestyle

Release Date

December 7th 2017