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Light Rhapsody

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Or say "Alexa, enable Light Rhapsody"

Light Rhapsody is a set of light-strings that can be controlled via Alexa. Use your voice to set different colors, themes, add effects, and brightness.

Light Rhapsody is a set of light-strings that Bluetooth-connects to Echo devices. Customers can use their voice to set different colors and themes, add effects, change brightness, and turn the lights on and off. This product supports 25 different colors (golden yellow, green, red, white), 9 themes (Valentine&rsquo;s Day colors, Rainbow Wave), and 4 effects (glimmer, sparkle). As an added delight, Light Rhapsody will illuminate when Amazon Music is playing on the connected Echo Device.<br/><br/>To control your lights, you can say the following: &quot;Alexa, ask Light Rhapsody to&hellip;<br/><br/><br/>&hellip;turn on the lights&quot;<br/>&hellip;turn off the lights&quot;<br/>&hellip;to brighten my lights&quot;<br/>&hellip;to dim my lights&quot;<br/>&hellip;stop flashing lights to music&quot;*<br/>&hellip;start flashing lights to music&quot;*<br/><br/> change color to&hellip;&quot;<br/>Pure White<br/>Warm White<br/>Polar White<br/>Soft White<br/>Antique White<br/>Incandescent White<br/>Gold<br/>Red<br/>Orange<br/>Golden Yellow<br/>Acid Yellow<br/>Chartreuse<br/>Green<br/>Mint<br/>Turquoise<br/>Blue<br/>Royal Blue<br/>Lavender<br/>Pink<br/>Fuchsia<br/>Purple<br/>Multicolor<br/>Red and White<br/>Red and Green<br/>White and Blue<br/>*Please Note: These specific color combinations are only supported and the lights cannot create arbitrary color combinations<br/><br/>&hellip;to change theme to&hellip;&quot;<br/>Valentine<br/>Saint Patrick's Day<br/>Mardi Gras<br/>Easter<br/>Independence Day<br/>Halloween<br/>Thanksgiving<br/>Christmas Light Show<br/>Rainbow Wave<br/><br/>&hellip;to change effect to&hellip;&quot;<br/>Starry Night<br/>Glimmer<br/>Sparkle<br/>Steady<br/><br/>* Function available only for songs from Amazon Music. When turned on, this feature will not take effect until the next song

Invocation Name

light rhapsody

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Light Rhapsody
Alexa, ask Light Rhapsody to change color to Red
Alexa, ask Light Rhapsody to start Independence Day theme

Release Date

November 24th 2017