Life's impossible choices - Alexa Skill

Life's impossible choices


Or say "Alexa, enable Life's impossible choices"

With impossible choices you get an absurd surprise life choice to take with each new day and compare it against the public vote. Which way will you go?

Will you go Left or Right at Life's impossible choices? <br/><br/>Impossible choices is a fun surprise skill that has a fresh choice to take you left or right each new day of the year. It offers more than a thousand combinations of choices to keep you fresh and surprised every day. It includes the current direction of the majority votes to make you think about your choice and offers the option to check out yesterdays completed choice votes in the same skill.<br/><br/>Did you really think your choice throught? Its a good thing you're allowed to come back and change your mind....

Invocation Name

impossible choices

Interaction Examples

Alexa open impossible choices
I'll go left
Alexa ask impossible choices about yesterday

Release Date

December 30th 2017