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Get a daily boost of energy and knowledge with Life Guru by LifeMAPP. Each day delivers a new quote and lesson.

Welcome to Life Guru by LifeMAPP. By simply asking, &lsquo;Alexa, open Life Guru' or &lsquo;Alexa, tell Life Guru to inspire me' you can find your inspiration on every day of the year.<br /><br />With 365 quotes and life lessons you will receive simple ways to be better and happier throughout your everyday life.<br /><br />LifeMAPP is a global mentoring organization who&rsquo;s primary goal is to bring inspiration and beneficial change to the lives of those who seek to improve their surroundings and support.

Invocation Name

life guru

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell Life Guru to inspire me
Inspire me
Teach me

Release Date

January 30th 2017