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Liberty Mutual

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Or say "Alexa, enable Liberty Mutual"

Liberty Mutual's Alexa skill allows you to get a quick auto insurance estimate and hear home and auto tips from MasterThis, all with just your voice.

Insurance can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be easy to just ask Alexa? The Liberty Mutual skill allows you to: - Obtain an auto insurance estimate by interacting with the Liberty Mutual Guestimator™ tool via your voice - Receive actionable advice on common seasonal home and auto worries with direct access to Liberty Mutual's go-to online resource, MasterThis™ where you can get strategies and solutions to overcome worries like preparing for a roadside emergency or moving to a new home For more information, visit us at:

Invocation Name

liberty mutual

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Liberty Mutual
Alexa, ask Liberty Mutual for an auto insurance estimate
Alexa, ask Liberty Mutual for home and auto tips

Release Date

January 12th 2017