Extends your Lexus experience to anywhere you use Alexa - home, office, or mobile. Use your voice to command your car anywhere, anytime.

The Lexus skill brings fun technology of Alexa into the vehicle ownership experience.<br/><br/>From the convenience of your home, using voice skill commands your Alexa device can start or stop the engine, lock/unlock the doors, and check vehicle fuel level. <br/><br/>Supported vehicles:<br/>- Select 2015 Model Year Lexus vehicles; IS*, ES&dagger;, GS, LS, RC, NX&dagger;<br/>- All 2016, 2017, &amp; 2018 Model Year Lexus vehicles&Dagger;<br/><br/>Instructions:<br/>- An active Lexus Enform Remote subscription is required to access the Lexus skill.<br/>- Visit https://drivers.lexus.com/ to signup for a new subscription or verify your existing subscription.<br/>- Link the Lexus skill with your Lexus Enform Remote account by clicking on the Enable button on the skill page.<br/>- Login with your Lexus Enform Remote credentials.<br/>- Select the vehicle you would like to link to Alexa. The vehicle will be auto selected if you have the Lexus Enform Remote subscription only for one vehicle.<br/>- Set a PIN for authorization while using the Alexa skill. This pin is separate from your Lexus Enform Remote app pin.<br/>- Review Terms &amp; Conditions.<br/>- Hit the Submit button.<br/>- Skill should now be ready for use. For example, you can say &quot;Alexa, ask Lexus how much gas is in my car&quot; to verify it is working.<br/><br/>Note: all interactions which modify the state of the car require a PIN, which can be included with the original utterance or Alexa will prompt for it as a follow up question.<br/><br/>Interactions include:<br/>- Alexa, please ask Lexus to start my car.<br/>- Alexa, please ask Lexus to stop my car.<br/>- Alexa, please ask Lexus to lock my car.<br/>- Alexa, please ask Lexus to unlock my car.<br/>- Alexa, please ask Lexus how much gas is in my car.<br/><br/>Disclaimers:<br/>- Available with Lexus Enform Remote capable Lexus vehicles using an Alexa-enabled device.<br/>- Lexus Enform Remote subscription required. Please visit https://drivers.lexus.com/ to verify your service subscription.<br/>- Lexus Enform Remote is only available in the 48 contiguous United States and Alaska. Lexus Enform Remote is not available in Hawaii.<br/>- Note that current Lexus security requirements only allow 15 remote commands between ignition on/off cycles. This means that submitting too many consecutive remote commands through Alexa will cause commands to fail. If Alexa replies with an error, try power cycling the vehicle (manually turn vehicle on, then turn vehicle off), then try your skill interaction again.<br/>- Skill success for remote commands is heavily dependent on the vehicle being located in an area with adequate cellular data connection.<br/>- Depending on the vehicle generation and network conditions, commands may take anywhere from five to sixty (5-60) seconds to execute.<br/><br/>* Excludes 2015 Lexus IS C<br/>&dagger; On the Lexus ES(h), NX(h) Enform Remote is only available with factory installed navigation<br/>&Dagger; Excludes 2016-2017 CT 200h with Standard Audio System<br/><br/>For assistance with Lexus Enform Remote Services please call: 1-800-255-3987.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Lexus to start my car.
Alexa, ask Lexus how much gas I have.
Alexa, ask Lexus to lock my car.

Release Date

May 15th 2018