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Let's Do Chores

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Or say "Alexa, enable Let's Do Chores"

Let's Do Chores is a Alexa skill that helps make completing home chores fun. Chores selects from over 30+ common home tasks and "Whammy's."

Let's Do Chores is an Alexa skill that helps make common chores fun. Let's Do Chores is best enjoyed as a family activity with everyone working together. <br/>Features:<br/>-More than 30+ common household tasks. <br/>-Whammys: Surprises that keep the game interesting and fun. <br/>-A randomizer that mixes up tasks for each request.

Invocation Name

lets do chores

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Lets Do Chores to choose a chore.
Alexa, tell Lets Do Chores lets do this.
Alexa, tell Lets Do Chores Whammy.

Release Date

June 11th 2017