Learn Tagalog Numbers - Alexa Skill

Learn Tagalog Numbers

Brady Mapes


Or say "Alexa, enable Learn Tagalog Numbers"

Translates numbers (0-20) from English to Tagalog. It can also count within that same range and quiz the user.

This skill will help you learn numbers 0 through 20 in Tagalog. Ask Alexa for a number in English and it will return the translation in Tagalog. This skill is also able to count from any starting to any stopping number within the 0-20 range. When confident, ask for a quiz and it will flash card random Tagalog numbers until you want to stop.

Invocation Name

tagalog numbers

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Tagalog Numbers what seven is
Alexa, ask Tagalog Numbers to count to sixteen
Alexa, ask Tagalog Numbers to quiz me

Release Date

January 25th 2017