League of Legends Instalock - Alexa Skill

League of Legends Instalock


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Or say "Alexa, enable League of Legends Instalock"

This skill will allow you to ask Alexa for a random League of Legends champ to bring to the Rift. GLHF!

By asking Alexa phrases such as "give me a champ" or "who should I instalock", you can find a whole new way to decide who to bring to Summoner's Rift. This will allow you to cut down on precious seconds to build out your mastery page for your instalock champ or flame your team for not allowing you your main role. Either way, a win-win for you. Enjoy and GLHF!

Invocation Name

insta lock

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask insta lock who should I insta lock?
Tell me a champ to play.
Give me a random champion.

Release Date

June 30th 2017