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Lazy Foodie

Mayukh Nair

Or say "Alexa, enable Lazy Foodie"

Get a restaurant's rating, cuisines served and estimated meal cost in a snap.

Thinking of a good meal somewhere but can't decide to go there?<br/><br/>Lazy Foodie helps you quickly decide on a restaurant or eating place you are interested in. Lazy Foodie provides you with the rating of a restaurant, the cuisines served there, and how much should a meal for two ideally cost. <br/><br/>For example, you can ask:<br/>- &quot;Alexa, ask Lazy Foodie what's the rating for Hakkasan in Mayfair&quot;<br/>- &quot;Alexa, ask Lazy Foodie how costly is Otto's Pizzeria in Brooklyn?&quot;<br/>- &quot;Alexa, ask Lazy Foodie what does Bukhara in Chanakyapuri specialize in?&quot;<br/><br/>When you're feeling hungry, Lazy Foodie is the ultimate tool for you to help make up your mind! <br/><br/>----------------------------------------------<br/><br/>Lazy Foodie is powered by Zomato and Urbanspoon's restaurant catalogues which covers over 23 countries around the world.<br/><br/>Icon design is from the Kameleon collection, courtesy of Vincent Le Moign. <br/><br/>Lazy Foodie is proudly open-source. If you want to help improve this Alexa skill, please visit

Invocation Name

lazy foodie

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Lazy Foodie how much would a meal at McDonald's in Park Street cost
Alexa, ask Lazy Foodie what's the rating for Heart Attack Grill at Las Vegas
Alexa, start Lazy Foodie

Release Date

July 2nd 2017