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Or say "Alexa, enable LaundryNFC"

Use Alexa to check the status of your LaundryNFC washer and dryer

LaundryNFC is a set of NFC tags that you can place on your washer and dryer to help remind you when your laundry is done. You can use Alexa to ask the status of your machines rather than using the LaundryNFC mobile application. Ask questions like, "Alexa, ask LaundryNFC How much time is left on my washer?" or "Ask LaundryNFC How long does my dryer run for?" You can also start your machines if you forget to tap the NFC tags by saying "Alexa, ask LaundryNFC to start my washer". To purchase the NFC tags, visit To link the LaundryNFC mobile applications to an Alexa, you must have a Google account.

Invocation Name

laundry n. f. c.

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask LaundryNFC how much time is left on my washer?
Alexa ask LaundryNFC how long does my dryer cycle run for?
Alexa ask LaundryNFC start my washer.

Release Date

January 9th 2017