Laundry Mate - Alexa Skill

Laundry Mate


Or say "Alexa, enable Laundry Mate"

Forgot when you last washed your pants or bra or (hopefully not) underwear? Ask Laundry Mate to remember and remind you!

Don't just use the smell test to figure out when you last washed your jeans. Tell Alexa to, &quot;tell Laundry mate I washed my jeans December 10th.&quot; Then, months later when you're deciding between grabbing something clean, or picking your comfortable jeans up from the floor, ask, &quot;Alexa, ask Laundry Mate when's the last time I washed my jeans?&quot;<br/><br/>Washing your clothes too often ruins them, so you need a Mate to remember when you last cleaned your clothes... Laundry Mate takes all the guesswork out of figuring out if wearing the same bra for a year without washing it is gross!<br/><br/>Use Laundry Mate to remember the last time you did a variety of chores and tasks:<br/>- washed my running shorts<br/>- washed my ripped black jeans<br/>- dry cleaned my tux<br/>- cleaned my Chanel bag

Invocation Name

laundry mate

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell Laundry Mate I washed my yellow fleece jacket today.
Alexa, ask Laundry Mate when's the last time I cleaned my snow boots.
Alexa, tell Laundry Mate I dry cleaned my little black dress today.

Release Date

June 29th 2017