Launch Ze Missiles - Alexa Skill

Launch Ze Missiles

GH Matter

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Or say "Alexa, enable Launch Ze Missiles"

Attempt to "Launch ze missiles!" -- just for fun.

Attempt to &quot;Launch ze missiles&quot; and maybe Alexa will let you, or not. This is a silly, just-for-fun skill. You can now &quot;Launch ze Missiles&quot; whenever you want to, or if you ever feel the need for missiles.<br /><br />Someone made a bad joke? Launch ze missiles!<br />Work getting you down? Launch ze missiles!<br />No good reason? Launch ze missiles!

Invocation Name

ze missiles

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch ze Missiles.
Alexa, launch ze Missiles and aim at Michael.
Alexa, launch ze Missiles and send them to Chicago.

Release Date

January 30th 2017