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Voice Control LIGHTIFY in your home and control your lighting through Amazon Echo and the Alexa Skills Kit

Our improved new LIGHTIFY Skill helps you to control your colors through your Alexa device!<br/><br/>LIGHTIFY makes your home more intelligent, the innovative, wireless Light-Management-System allows for a new, personalized and diversified Lighting experience. The networked Lamps, Luminaires and other components such as Switches and Sensors can be controlled and commissioned from the LIGHTIFY App or, remotely from anywhere in the world, through the supporting Cloud Service.<br/><br/>And from now on, you can leverage Alexa to control Lighting in your Living Room, your Bedroom and even, with the Garden-spots, in your garden.<br/><br/>Whether you control your lights individually or in groups, automatically or manually, all of the lighting in your home is now as individual as you are. Discover entirely new Lighting opportunities, and stay connected to your home from wherever you are. Adapt your home to your mood and dive into the most diverse color-scapes with our dynamic scenes. A night with friends now will become an event to remember for all participating; and after a long day of work you will appreciate the calming effect of light, allowing you to relax better.<br/><br/>With the LIGHTIFY Skill for Alexa, you may control LIGHTIFY using your voice.<br/><br/>Setup<br/>=====<br/>For the installation of LIGHTIFY in your Alexa, use the Alexa App. Select &quot;Smart Home&quot; to search for LIGHTIFY and select &quot;enable&quot; to connect your account and identify your installed devices. For more information on connecting your Smart Home devices please see here:<br/><br/>Naming Schemes<br/>==============<br/>Once you activated the skill you may want to rename the devices you are using with this skill in Alexa. There are two major options to follow:<br/>- Leverage the names you already assigned to your lamps in the LIGHTIFY App. (e.g. &quot;Livingroom&quot;)<br/>- Create &quot;Alexa Groups&quot; from the corresponding menu in the Alexa app., and add devices manually. For more detailed information on this option see here:<br/><br/>Check it out<br/>============<br/><br/>As soon as you created a name for a device or group of devices and Alexa shows them in the App, you may ask &quot;Alexa, turn on Livingroom please&quot;.<br/><br/>- Switches or non-dimmable Lamps can be controlled with &quot;Alexa, turn on Kitchen&quot; or &quot;Alexa, turn off Livingroom&quot;<br/>- Dimmable devices also respond to &quot;Alexa, dim device&quot; or &quot;Alexa, brighten device&quot;, but will also be set by letting Alexa know to &quot;Alexa, set Kitchen to 90%&quot;<br/><br/>Start making your home more intelligent and use LIGHTIFY as a new dimension of light. Smart connected LED lamps or luminaires can be controlled through your smartphone or tablet using the LIGHTIFY app. Now you can use Alexa to control your LIGHTIFY smart lamps, luminaires, flexible LED strips for indoors and Garden-spots for outdoors.<br/><br/>Control<br/>=============<br/># Power on / off<br/>By simple commands to Amazon Alexa you can switch your lighting on and off:<br/>- &quot;Alexa, turn on my lamps in the bathroom&quot; or &quot;Alexa, turn off my lamps in the bathroom&quot;<br/><br/># Color change<br/>Control your pre-set colors from the LIGHTIFY app via Amazon Alexa.<br/>- &quot;Alexa, change bedroom to Green&quot;<br/><br/># Dimming<br/>Also the dimming of the devices is controlled by Alexa. You can execute the following commands:<br/><br/>- &quot;Alexa, set kitchen to 90 percent&quot;<br/>- &quot;Alexa, brighten the bedroom&quot;<br/>- &quot;Alexa, dim bathroom&quot;<br/>- &quot;Alexa, dim kitchen to 20 percent&quot;<br/>- &quot;Alexa, brighten the bedroom to 100 percent&quot;<br/><br/>FAQ<br/>====<br/><br/>Should you have questions, visit our frequently asked questions at LIGHTIFY FAQs:

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Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on bedroom
Alexa, set living room to 50%
Alexa, dim the kitchen Lights

Release Date

November 15th 2017