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LIFX Optimized for Smart Home

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Or say "Alexa, enable LIFX Optimized for Smart Home"

The world's brightest Wi-Fi LED smart lights, no cables or hub needed! Light your home in millions of colors, now with full control via Alexa.

Control LIFX with Alexa. Your LIFX Lights now talk directly to the Amazon Echo through the Alexa Connected Home. After a few easy setup steps you can control your LIFX lights with simple statements like: Alexa, turn on the bedroom light Alexa, turn the kitchen light off Alexa, set lights to 50% brightness Alexa, brighten the kitchen lights Alexa, dim bedroom lights by 25% Alexa, turn on mood lighting Skills that are “Optimized for Smart Home” allow you to control your smart devices without saying “Ask” or “tell”. For example, if you have named your smart light bulb “Kitchen Lights”, you can say “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights”. Alexa can also activate your scenes, first run discovery to update the available scenes, then for a scene named "mood lighting" say "Alexa turn on mood lighting". HOW TO GET CONNECTED 1. Make sure your lights are connected to your LIFX Cloud account. 2. Open the Alexa app and go to Link with LIFX under Smart Home > Device Links and login to your LIFX account. 3. Say "Alexa, discover devices". Your lights will be displayed under Smart Home in the Alexa app and you can optionally group them for Alexa here (hint: Alexa groups are separate from your personal LIFX groups). 4. Say “Alexa, turn my lights… On” or “...Off”. That's it! 5. Optional: Enable the other LIFX Skill, under Skills in the Alexa app, to control LIFX colors and groups. Once activated, say “Alexa, ask 'Life-Ex': what I can do with my lights?” and Alexa will teach you how to control groups of LIFX lights and even set their individual colors.

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April 20th 2016