The Life Hub Learning Center Skills

Our education technology is called The Life Hub Learning Center and it&rsquo;s a home-based fully-integrated (all-in- one) computer learning system for financial and entrepreneurship education.<br/><br/>Parents or household members ask Alexa questions pertaining to savings balances, completed jobs, charitable donations, goal achievements and other knowledge-based financial literacy questions. That data and information reside on The Life Hub Learning Center and accumulates as a result of its daily and frequent use by members of the household. Each household member has their own segregated account in The Life Hub Learning Center so they can ask Alexa questions pertaining to their own account and/or general questions about money management, finance, entrepreneurship, and life management. <br/><br/>For customers to get started, link to Life Hub and engage, the following steps need to taken:<br/><br/>1. Customers open the skill &quot;LIFE HUB&quot; on the Alexa app and enable it.<br/>2. A &quot;Link Account&quot; button is displayed on the Alexa app.<br/>3. Customers click on &quot;Link Account&quot;.<br/>4. Customers are prompted to enter their LIFE HUB ID &amp; PASSWORD.<br/>5. Life Hub is linked to Alexa and customers can begin asking Alexa questions.<br/><br/>The prerequisites:<br/><br/>1. A Life Hub Learning Center connected to the internet via the household Wifi<br/>2. Individual user accounts set up in The Life Hub Learning Center.

Invocation Name

life hub

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Life Hub
Last item I purchased from Amazon
Number of games I played last month

Release Date

December 5th 2017