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LG SmartThinQ - Smart Home

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Or say "Alexa, enable LG SmartThinQ - Smart Home"

Use LG SmartThinQ to control your LG Smart Appliances with your voice.

Now, LG SmartThinQ works with Amazon Echo to allow remote, hands-free control of your LG appliances. There's no need to be in front of the appliance to check its status, simply ask Alexa to do it.<br/><br/>To get started, register your appliances in the LG SmartThinQ app. Click &quot;Enable Skill&quot; and use your LG SmartThinQ account info to sign into the Alexa app. When Alexa and LG SmartThinQ are successfully linked, press the &quot;Discover Devices&quot; button or say &quot;Alexa, discover my devices&quot; to find your LG Smart Appliances. For more information about connecting LG Smart Appliances, please visit https://amzn.to/291lR7u <br/><br/>Once you enable the skill, you can check the status or control the following appliances with your voice:<br/>- Air Conditioner : Check Current/Target Temperature, Turn On/Off, Set Temperature<br/>- Robot Cleaner : Turn On/Off<br/>- Air Purifier : Turn On/Off<br/><br/>For example, try the following:<br/>&quot;Alexa, turn on the robot cleaner&quot; starts the robot cleaner cleaning mode. <br/>&quot;Alexa, turn off the robot cleaner&quot; returns the robot cleaner to the home station.<br/>&quot;Alexa, turn on/off the air conditioner&quot; turns the a/c on or off. <br/>&quot;Alexa, set air conditioner to 65 degrees&quot; sets the a/c to a specific temperature. &quot;Alexa, increase/decrease the air conditioner temperature by 2 degrees&quot; changes the temperature setting on the a/c. <br/><br/>If you have any questions about LG Appliances, please contact LG Support (https://www.lg.com/us/support/email-appointment)

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on robot cleaner.
Alexa, set air conditioner to sixty-five degrees.
Alexa, increase air conditioner temperature by two degrees.

Release Date

July 14th 2017