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L.A. City

City of Los Angeles

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Or say "Alexa, enable L.A. City"

Alexa, open L.A. City

Use the L.A. City alexa app to find interesting events in your area sponsored by the City of Los Angeles. Simply enable the skill and say "Alexa, open L.A. City" to begin. Or say "Alexa, ask L.A. City..." • What's happening this weekend? • What's happening today? This is a beta version which only holds holiday events for now. Use it to find interesting holiday themed events in Los Angeles this year. Stay tuned, other types of events will be added soon!

Invocation Name

l. a. city

Interaction Examples

Alexa Open L. A. City
Alexa Ask L. A. City what's happening this weekend
Alexa Ask L. A. City for City Council events this week

Release Date

December 15th 2016