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Challenge yourself and demonstrate your expertise in K-pop world!

Kpop Quiz is a game where you can challenge yourself and demonstrate your knowledge of K-pop groups. <br/><br/>This skill contains detail information about more than 60 K-pop groups, ranging from the very first generation idol, such as S.E.S. or H.O.T. until the current ones like TWICE or WINNER. So get ready and be prepared for the surprises. Fun guaranteed!<br/><br/>HOW TO PLAY:<br/>Just ask Alexa to start the quiz. In each game, you'll get 10 random questions out of 300 questions stored in the database. <br/><br/>SAMPLE QUESTIONS:<br/>- Under which entertainment agency was Shinhwa when they first debuted?<br/>- What is the fandom name of BTS?<br/>- In which year did Girl's Generation officially debut?<br/>- How many members did EXO have when they first debuted?<br/><br/>FEEDBACK:<br/>If you like the game, please leave a review. If something is wrong or you've had a bad experience, please write me before leaving a negative review at, thank you!<br/><br/>TIPS:<br/>If you're hesitant about your knowledge of a certain idol group and would like to refresh your memory or to know more about them before the game starts, just ask! You can simply mention the group/fandom name and Alexa will tell you the rest.

Invocation Name

k. pop quiz

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Kpop Quiz to start a quiz
Alexa, open Kpop Quiz
Alexa, launch Kpop Quiz and challenge

Release Date

August 8th 2017