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Or say "Alexa, enable Koogeek Smart Home"

"Koogeek Home app is compatible with HomeKit and Alexa Echo. You may add, configure, and control your P1 smart home devices from anywhere in the world."

Detailed steps for the customer to get started:<br/>1. Download and open the free Koogeek Home app from the Apple Store or Google Play.<br/>2. Log in or register the Koogeek account.<br/>3. Tap &quot;+&quot; in the upper-right corner to enter the interface for adding the device.<br/>4. Select an unconfigured outlet.<br/>5. Select a Wi-Fi account and input the correct password. Wait for the network configuration to finish.<br/>6. Name the plug to help you identify it in Koogeek Home and to control it with Alexa. <br/>7. Open the Alexa app, 1) tap menu, 2) choose &ldquo;Skills&rdquo;, 3) search &ldquo;Koogeek Home&rdquo; and 4) tap &ldquo;Enable&rdquo;.<br/>8. Log in with the account and password of the Koogeek Home app. <br/>9. The device has been discovered by Alexa and matched successfully.<br/>10. Control the device by asking Alexa. For example, &ldquo;Alexa, turn on kitchen light.&rdquo;

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Interaction Examples

Alexa,turn on the P one
Alexa,turn off the P one

Release Date

September 23rd 2017