KooKoo - Alexa Skill


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Pump up your silly storytelling time! Ask KooKoo for a character, creature, location or treasure to add to your story. It'll be different every time!

KooKoo provides the who, what and where. You tell the story. You'll get to sharpen your improvisation skills as you incorporate KooKoo's zany suggestions into your story...<br/><br/>Here's a random sample to give you an idea:<br/><br/>- Characters: Pamela the Candy-Cane Robot, Grandpa Silvertoes, Stinky Snoopie<br/>- Creatures: Talking Tomato, Lightning Unicorn, Cyborg Tiger<br/>- Locations: City of the Jellybean Dragon, Badger Cave, Neon Lake<br/>- Treasures: Golden Toothbrush, Shadow Coin, Sunshine Donut<br/><br/>Tip: You can ask KooKoo for all of these before you start the story, but we have more fun starting the story and adding in new elements as we go. You can even ask KooKoo natural questions during your storytime, such as &quot;Who lives in the forest?&quot; or &quot;What did they find in the cave?&quot;<br/><br/>Have fun!

Invocation Name

koo koo

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask KooKoo to give me a character
Alexa, ask KooKoo to give me a treasure
Alexa, ask KooKoo to give me a location

Release Date

June 27th 2017