Knowledge Me - Alexa Skill

Knowledge Me

Arman R. T.

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Or say "Alexa, enable Knowledge Me"

This Skill imparts a random extract of knowledge from Wikipedia directly into your brain.

After the user shouts &quot;knowledge up&quot; at their device, this educational Skill induces a Wikipedia search for a random article extract - this Skill then directly feeds said article extract's knowledge directly into the user's brain by use of highly advanced aural projection and recognition devices, known in the 21st century as Amazon Echo.<br/><br/>By using this skill you agree that any megalomaniacal traits, rapidly rising IQ, neurogenesis and AVPR1A gene mutations that take place as a result of obtaining the highly advanced knowledge at the extreme rate provided within this Skill are not the fault of the provider of this technology.

Invocation Name

knowledge me

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Knowledge Me to knowledge me
knowledge me up, baby
give me a random wiki

Release Date

June 23rd 2017